about Merlin Ranch


The "Merlin" in Merlin Ranch comes from the name of one of our family’s favorite mountains in the nearby Big Horn Range – the Merlon.  Each morning we see it as we look across our hay meadows and Clear Creek.  

As a kid growing up near the Big Horns, I was always mesmerized by the tallest of the peaks, "Clouds" as we knew it.  Next to Cloud Peak stands a slightly smaller but less accessible mountain, the "Merlon," which requires mountaineering skill to climb.  The name seemed fitting for a ranch which would be dedicated to finding a way to produce the very best cattle in the most environmentally sound way. 

We moved to the ranch in 1988, just after the birth of our first daughter, and took over operations from the Wrights.  It was a chance to start raising Angus in addition to our family's Gordon Ranch Hereford legacy.

Our ranch is a family outfit and committed to our community.  We are located in the red scoria hills just outside beautiful Buffalo, Wyoming and we are proud to offer our beef, which we raise responsibly using principles of Holistic Resource Management and the Lasater Philosophy of Cattle Management in an effort to make our place a little better over our time here. 

Our cattle are predominantly Angus and Angus-cross animals using top bulls from some of our nation’s premium breeders like Green Mountain Angus, Ken Haas, Russel-Reyes, and KG Bulls.  Our cows must meet exacting standards of production and disposition, and they are ruthlessly culled on their ability to raise top performing progeny on what we raise in the hills and on the meadows.